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to make ordering easier, we offer two different packages: basic babe and boss babe.

Boss Babe

the boss babe package includes 3 or more colors with intricate designs, writing, characters and/or logos. These start at $4 each or $48 for a dozen.


 Basic Babe

The basic babe package includes cookies that require 2-3 colors with basic designs that are less time consuming to prepare. These Start at $3 each or $36 for a dozen.

Basic Babe Cookie Package.png
basic babe-baby cookies.jpg
basic babe-brunch.JPG
basic babe-dog.jpg
Basic Babe-Chrismas Story.png
Basic Babe-Doughnuts.png
Basic Babe-Lips.png
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Boss Babe-Floral Sugar Cookies.JPG
Boss Babae-Paw Patrol sugar cookies.JPG
Boss Babe- Logo Sugar Cookies 1.jpg
Boss Babe- Birthday Cookies.jpg
Boss Babe- Logo Sugar Cookies.jpg