Hi! I’m Cher… the baker babe!

In winter of 2017, I decided I would teach myself something new. Why not? I’m a sagittarius and love a good challenge. I wanted to learn how to make decorated cookies after purchasing them for my own wedding festivities but thought they would turn out like your typical Pinterest project gone wrong. I was pleasantly surprised when my snowman actually looked like, well, a snowman! I fell so in love with the process of learning, creating and decorating that I told everyone about it and slowly started getting orders, REAL orders with money and stuff for my cookies. I took a trip with my husband months later and we toyed around with the idea of starting a business and it needed a name! He joked that baking was kind of a “grandma thing” and I replied with, “Well, it doesn’t have to be! Baker’s can be babes, too!” And so, Baker Babe Cookie Co. was born!

As much as I LOVE baking and decorating, I am passionate about helping people with disabilities and that’s why I became an occupational therapist. Yep, I do both! I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and we have the world’s cutest dogs and cat- Ziggy, Lulu and Steve!