Baker Babe Cookie Co offers unique and custom decorated sugar cookies for you to bring a little EXTRA to your next party or family gathering. Our vanilla bean sugar cookies topped with royal vanilla icing are sure to leave a lasting impression.

So tell me

Are you a basic babe or boss babe?

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a dozen cookies that includes 2-3 colors with basic designs, sprinkles and are less time consuming to prepare.

a dozen cookies that includes 3 0r more colors with intricate designs, writing, characters and/or logos.

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Hi! I’m Cher, The Baker Babe!

A sagittarius that loves a good challenge, so in the winter of 2017 I decided to teach myself something new. Why not?

After purchasing decorated cookies for my own wedding festivities I have wanted to learn how to make them but thought they would turn out like your typical Pinterest project gone wrong….

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Baker Babe Cookie Co. uses all recyclable, degradable, and eco friendly packaging.